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A Middle America Consultant for Every Walk of Life.

In 1996, a now great friend, stepped into my home and sat at my kitchen table. I had lived in Savannah for six years and worked three and four jobs to make ends meet, I knew I had the ability to earn money but had no idea how to keep it. I was a single lady living on my own. I often say, ” There was, Me, Myself, and I and we all three had a job!”

That hour and a half would be the turning point for my career and future. I learned more BASIC financial principles in that short period of time than I had learned in a lifetime.

Since that time, I have realized that the teaching of basic financial understanding is lacking with everyday people.

My mission is to help teach those principles to every person that wants to learn.

Many companies will not even give you an appointment if you do not have a certain level of wealth. I am the one to help you get to that level of wealth at any stage in your life.

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