About Us

“People from Savannah don’t really make it when they’re there. You have to go to Atlanta to follow your dreams. At least that’s the overwhelming message constantly presented to us.”

A wife and mother of two, Jarquita has spent her entire life making strides to disprove the previous lamentation about the city she loves with her whole being. Motivated out of a combination of necessity and curiosity, Jarquita, lovingly known by many as Q, began mixing butters, essential oils and the like in the small kitchen of the apartment she shared with her blossoming family. Shortly after noticing rapid hair growth in both herself and daughter, she began sharing her homemade recipes with other family members, motivating them to go on their own natural hair journeys in the process.

An entrepreneur at heart, despite being a full-time graduate student, maintaining a full-time job and recently welcoming a baby boy, Q knew she could no longer keep her natural hair secrets to herself and decided to share her mixing gifts with the world. Naptural Oasis was born.

“Giving your talents to the world is not an easy task. There’s a lot of self-sacrifice that takes place on an almost daily basis. But it is worth all of my tireless effort. This is my passion. This is my calling. This is my purpose in life.”