About Us

Paul and his twin brother started excavating historical artifacts when they were 10 years old. Their parents built a house in Richmond Hill and as the lot was cleared they found very old china shards. A gentleman came to the property with a metal detector and found Civil War bullets. He gave Paul and Frank(Paul’s twin brother) a bullet each and the rest was history. They got a metal detector the next Christmas to share. As houses were built around them they were hunting with their metal detectors. They started scuba diving at the age of 17 on shipwrecks which also lead to fossils in the local rivers as well as off shore. Paul has always had an artistic eye. So Jeanie suggested that it would be awesome to make his “junk boxes” of broken artifacts into jewelry. We started designing the artifact jewelry about 7 years ago. After coming to River Street and meeting so many people who come to Savannah to see history we realized we had to keep striving to make it better.


502 E. River Street
Savannah, GA 31401


(912) 667-4608