About Us

Clinical Neuroscience

Clinical neuroscience gives us the ability to treat many conditions that were previously untreatable. Rehabbing a brain has been nothing but a fantasy until recently. We utilize the newest technology in neuroscience to properly diagnose and treat brain-based conditions.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the cause of disease. Every symptom may be one of many contributing factors to your illness. Addressing the major factors of blood sugar, hormones, diet and/or lifestyle choices are key to getting better.

Our Approach

NeuroCare is about combining the most advanced concepts in clinical neuroscience and clinical nutrition. Our programs are designed specifically for you, and this is how we achieve our outstanding results with the most complex health issues.

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75% off the initial exam if they sign up for a free phone consultation. The exam price is regularly $295. The thorough neurological exam typically takes 90-120 minutes.


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